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I've been making handmade soap for myself for around twenty years. When I began, artisan handmade soap wasn't that easy to find and the commercial soaps available in supermarkets were made from dubious ingredients, smelled artificial, had a tendency to be drying to the skin and often left me red and blotchy. Making my own soap gave me total control over the ingredients I used, their quality and the reason they were part of that bar. I wanted ingredients that had beneficial effects.

After working for Ford's for many years I trained to be a Registered Nurse. I worked for 17 years on various wards in several NHS Trust's mainly working with people living with dementia where I was occasionally allowed to use essential oils to evoke calming memories and responses. At the start of 2019 I decided to start my next chapter and I hope you'll join me and be part of it...

Dean Hall BA, DipRS, DipHE, CertHSC
Chapel Soap 2019